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NY Active Military MSF Basic RiderCourse (BRC) Card Conversion Option

Military personnel can convert an existing MSF BRC Completion Card/License Waiver Certificate obtained outside of New York State.

(Please note: This process does not apply to New York State licensed civilian residents that obtain a MSF BRC card after taking a MSF BRC course out of state).

Conversions of MSF BRC Completion Cards to MSF/NYSMSP BRC Completion Card/License Waiver Certificates are strictly limited to current active US military personnel who are New York State residents, hold a current New York State license, and who completed an MSF BRC conducted on a military installation or other providers outside of New York State.

NYSMSP/MSF staff will verify the identity of the individual, verify BRC course completion and may issue a MSF/NYSMSP BRC Completion Card/License Waiver Certificate providing the applicant provides the documentation requested.

Process Documentation Requirements:

  • Copy of front and back of military ID card (Social Security Number should be blacked out)

  • Copy of NYS Driver License (NYS license is required to be eligible for the BRC conversion and road test waiver)

  • Copy of your NYS Motorcycle Learner Permit. Please be advised that NYSMSP /MSF will issue you a BRC road test waiver without a NYS permit. But you cannot benefit from the waiver until you acquire a permit, and you cannot apply for a license by mail without a permit.

  • Copy of valid military issued MSF BRC BasicRider Completion Card

    • Card must be less than two years old.

  • Copies of scored on the MSF knowledge and skills tests or letter from instructor/ safety office/ provider indicating scores, or some other verifiable method that can be documented.

  • Verified mailing address.

Once NYSMSP/MSF staff has reviewed and accepted the required items, a MSF/NYSMSP BRC Completion Card/License Waiver Certificate may be issued.

The required documentation may be sent by email to:

New York State Motorcycle Safety Program/ Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)
434 Saratoga Road
Scotia, NY 13202
Phone: 518-384-0045

Additional DMV MC License Information:

DMV allows military personnel (and only military personnel) to complete this licensing transaction through the mail if you already possess a valid NYS motorcycle learner permit*. To do this you must mail following information to the DMV Motorcycle Safety Program at the address below:

  • A copy of current New York State Drivers License
  • A copy of current New York State motorcycle learner permit (Permits are only valid for one year.)
  • A copy of valid New York State Motorcycle Safety Program (NYSMSP) issued BRC Completion Card (Cards are considered valid for two years from issue date.)

Military personnel can mail their license application and materials to:

NYS DMV Motorcycle Safety Program
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 336
Albany, NY 12228

DMV will return incomplete or illegible documents.

*Requestors that do not already possess a valid NYS motorcycle learner permit must appear in person at a NYS DMV office, complete a knowledge test and apply for a permit in order to become eligible for the road test waiver and become fully licensed. There are no provisions in law that would allow this initial licensing step to be completed from remote locations outside NYS DMV offices.

If you have any questions for DMV with regards to this process, you may contact the DMV Call Center which will best suit your needs by visiting

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