NYSMSP Basic RiderCourse 2 - License Waiver

The MSF Basic RiderCourse 2- LW qualifies as a NY DMV License Waiver course in New York!

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic RiderCourse 2- LW (NYSMSP BRC2- LW), is a unique riding curriculum for New Yorkers offered through the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program (NYSMSP)

This course is an 8-hour course that contains a unique on-line classroom segment as a pre-requisite and also offers a variety of practice riding exercises designed to further develop your riding skills on your own motorcycle. The riding exercises conclude with a skills test. In order for a participant to earn their NYSMSP BRC2-LW License Waiver Completion Card they must successfully complete the eCourse (on-line) and the skills evaluation on the range.

It is designed for individuals that have had some street riding experience and have held a valid New York State Motorcycle Permit for at least 1 calendar year, and possess some street riding skills.

You'll practice these critical riding skills on your own motorcycle in our secure riding setting.

Successful completion of a BRC2-LW qualifies you for a motorcycle license road test-waiver with the New York State DMV.

Skip the trip to DMV and sign up today for a NYSMSP BRC2-LW, your fast track to getting your Motorcycle License!

In order to obtain your motorcycle license after 1 day of training you must;

  • Bring your own (or borrow) a motorcycle/scooter and use it for the BRC2 riding range exercises.
  • Possess a valid New York State Driver License (Junior Operator license holders do NOT qualify for a road test waiver and may not enroll in this class).
  • Possess a valid NY motorcycle permit.
  • Pass a BRC2-LW Course Knowledge Test (On-line).
  • Pass a BRC2-LW Skill Evaluation, which is administered after all the BRC2 riding range exercises have been completed.


  • A motorcycle (must have a valid NYS DMV Safety Inspection Certificate affixed).
  • Your valid NYS Driver License.
  • Your valid NYS Motorcycle Permit.
  • A valid NYS motorcycle’s registration.
  • A valid motorcycle’s insurance card (FS-20/ FS-21).
  • A Helmet- DOT-approved motorcycle helmet (you may borrow one if needed).
  • Eye protection (face shield or goggles).
  • A long sleeve shirt or jacket.
  • Full-fingered gloves.
  • Durable long pants.
  • Over the ankle footwear (one inch above the ankle).
  • Rain gear, classes run- rain or shine.